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about the paper


The history of Steinbach paper starts on the banks of the river Warchenne near Malmedy (eastern Belgium) around 1725 when a first mill was installed by a certain Lord Dewalck.  The paper mills were exploited by monks before being sold to three local entrepreneurs, one of them being Henri Steinbach.  He became the sole owner little later and gave his name to what would become the leading industry in the region.


In 1900, the industrial complex of Steinbach employs 500 people and exports 70% of its production, which by 1908, reached 40,000 tons per year.  The First World War had negative consequences and caused the loss of 45% of the clientele, but the return of Malmedy to Belgium restarted production.


Unfortunately, the Second World War stopped the promising momentum of the factory and the Steinbach paper mill became a subsidiary of the Intermills Group in the following years.  It would, however, retain its characteristic 3D-stamped logo.

about the paintings


'Daily Steinbachs' is a side project of spray can artist Vincent Mattelaer.  


With this project, his main objective is to recall the pleasant feeling of the times when he first started experimenting with spray cans, selling sheets of painted canvases to tourists in the streets of Bruges.   While his canvas paintings have become more complex and elaborated over the years, he was longing for the vibes of those early days.


In contrast to his other work where he focuses on creating Geometric Hard Edge spray paintings without using masking tape, the 'Daily Steinbachs' paper paintings emphasize the use of spray cans.  


'Daily Steinbachs' are on sale here, at a fair price, directly from the artist.  They are send in cardboard postal cubes, worldwide, free of shipping costs.