Choose any two colours from the colour chart and create your very own Custom Made Sliced Doughnut

Since the 'Sliced Doughnut' was first created in 2013 it has, in a certain way, become the artist's trademark.  The design of the painting is minimalistic, yet it perfectly represents the kind of art Vincent Mattelaer produces as the execution requires the combination of both his techniques. (one for spraying the perfect circle, the other one for drawing straight lines)  You can order a Sliced Doughnut in any two colours of your choice.  Just let us know which background colour you would prefer, then select a contrasting colour for the circle and we will  send you a digital illustration of how your painting would look like.


click here for a pdf version of the colour chart :



Feel free to contact us any time if you would like a personalised version of other paintings or if you would like to design your very own piece of art.  

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